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EMG/NCV Specialist

Anoop K. Reddy, MD -  - Neurologist

Anoop K. Reddy, MD

Neurologist located in Tampa, FL

At his conveniently located office in University, Florida, Dr. Anoop K. Reddy has helped many Tampa, Florida residents who needed an EMG or NCV. Dr. Reddy is respected by many of his peers, and he’s recommended by lots of his patients.


What is an EMG?

An electromyography (EMG) assesses the health of motor neurons, which control muscles. The test measures the electrical signals that these neurons send and converts these signals into data that a neurologist can read. To measure the electrical signals, a needle is inserted into the muscle.

What is an NCV?

A nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test is similar to an EMG. Instead of measuring the electrical activity with a muscle, though, an NCV test measures the electrical activity between two specific points along the peripheral nervous system.

What Are EMGs and NCV Tests Used For?

Both EMGs and NCV tests can help neurologists diagnose a variety of neurological issues. They might reveal muscle dysfunction, nerve dysfunction, or issues with transmitting signals from nerve cells to muscle cells. A neurologist may order one or both of these tests if a patient complains of numbness, tingling, muscle pain, or muscle weakness, as these can all be symptoms of issues related to nerve and muscle cells.

Are EMGs and NCV Tests Covered by Insurance?

Many health insurance companies provide coverage for EMGs and NCV tests because these tests are only ordered by neurologists when they’re medically necessary. Specific coverages vary from policy to policy. However, so patients should check with their insurance provider to see if their particular health insurance policy will cover either test.

How Long Do EMGs and NCV Tests Take?

EMGs and NCV tests don’t take long, although they aren’t as short as a wellness visit with a primary care physician. They’re done as outpatient procedures and take up part of a day. Most of the time, the tests are performed right in a doctor’s office. The doctor may review the results with the patient following the test, or the patient might leave and come back at another time to go over the results with the physician.

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