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Cervical Dystonia Specialist

Anoop K. Reddy, MD -  - Neurologist

Anoop K. Reddy, MD

Neurologist located in Tampa, FL

At his University, Florida-based practice, Dr. Anoop K. Reddy has helped many Tampa, Florida residents who suffered from cervical dystonia. Many of his patients regard him as one of the area’s leading cervical dystonia specialists and recommend him to others who suffer from this condition.

Cervical Dystonia Q & A

What is Cervical Dystonia?

Cervical dystonia is sometimes called spasmodic torticollis. It’s a condition in which the neck muscles involuntarily contract. The muscles’ contractions cause the head to twist and turn, and they can make the head thrust forward and tilt backward uncontrollably. The condition is often painful.

What Symptoms Does Cervical Dystonia Cause?

Neck muscle spasms that turn and tilt the head uncontrollably only occur in severe cases of cervical dystonia. Early on, when the condition is mild or moderate, patients might experience discomfort or stiffness in the neck.

What Causes Cervical Dystonia?

In most cases, an exact cause of cervical dystonia can’t be identified. Sometimes, it may be linked to shoulder, neck, or head injuries, or to certain antipsychotic and anti-nausea medications. If a medication is causing the condition, switching to a different medication might resolve the cervical dystonia.

How is Cervical Dystonia Diagnosed?

Cervical dystonia is primarily diagnosed based on a patient’s signs and symptoms. A qualified medical doctor makes the diagnosis during an in-person examination. Once diagnosed, a physician might order blood or urine tests, an MRI, or an EMG. These tests, however, are meant to look for underlying medical issues related to the condition and not specifically to determine whether someone is suffering from cervical dystonia.

How is Cervical Dystonia Treated?

Unless it’s caused by a known medication, there isn’t a cure for cervical dystonia, although the condition sometimes resolves itself on its own. Doctors are able to help patients manage the muscle spasms, minimizing the jerking and pain that they experience, with Botox® injections.


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